Top FAQs
What is Desert Community Bank's ABA/routing number?
Where are the ABA routing and account numbers on my checks?
Are my deposit accounts FDIC insured?
How does FDIC coverage work for customers with more than $250,000 on deposit?
What products can I apply for online?
What is the difference between a debit card and an ATM card?
My card was lost or stolen. Now what?
How do I order/reorder checks?
Can I view my account information at any time?
What is online banking?
What is mobile banking?
Can I get information about my account by telephone?
What is a stop payment and why would I need one?
How do I place a stop payment?
What does a stop payment cost?
How do I exchange U.S. dollars for foreign currency?
What is the difference between a residence and a mailing address?
Deposit options
How do I access my money?
How do I make deposits into my account?
When are deposits available for withdrawal?
Can I make a deposit in the ATM?
What is direct deposit?
How do I set up direct deposit?
What is the difference between my Balance and my Available Balance?
What is an ACH and how does it benefit me?
What is a wire transfer?
What is the cost for domestic and foreign wire transfers?
What information do I need to complete a wire transfer?
How do I request a wire transfer?
When will my funds be sent?
How do I check the current interest rates on my existing accounts?
How do you calculate interest on my account?
How is my interest rate determined?
Will I receive notifications of changes to my account interest rate?
What is Desert Community Bank's ABA/Routing Number?
Is there a fee for closing my account?
Debit/ATM cards
How do I order a Desert Community Bank ATM or Debit card?
How do I activate my ATM/Debit card?
How do I change the PIN on my ATM/Debit card?
I can’t remember my PIN. How do I re-set it?
How do I report a lost/stolen card?
My card is blocked. What do I do now?
I don’t recognize a transaction on my account. Who do I contact?
My card is damaged. How can I get a replacement card?
Where can I make deposits to an ATM?
Can I use my ATM/Debit card outside of the U.S.?
Can my ATM/Debit card be used at gas stations?
My total purchase at the restaurant doesn’t appear in my pending amount on my statement. Why?
The amount pending on my hotel reservation is more than what I anticipated. What happened?
What is a CVV code?
Certificate of deposit account
My CD has matured. How should I proceed?
How do I renegotiate my certificate?
How do I renew my certificate?
Can I add money to my CD?
How do I close my CD?
Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?
Can I receive interest disbursements from my CD account?
How does receiving interest disbursements change my interest rate?
How is my interest calculated?
Daily calculation
Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
Interest Distribution
What is my current interest rate/APY?
Can I set up my CD account with online banking?
Mortgage account
How do I pay my mortgage using MyLoans®?
Account options
What is Bounce Protection?
How do I sign up for Bounce Protection?
How much Bounce Protection will be available to me?
What does Bounce Protection cost?
I do not want Bounce Protection. What do I do?
What is an overdraft line of credit?
How do I apply for an overdraft line of credit?
What does an overdraft line of credit cost?
I do not want an overdraft line of credit. What do I do?
Account maintenance
Address Change
Name Change — Internet Accounts only
Ownership Change — Internet Accounts Only
Account security
Telephone call monitoring and recording
Phishing - What does this mean to me?
How can I be sure an email or telephone call is from Desert Community Bank?
What is an HSA and how does it work?
Who qualifies for an HSA?
What can I use the HSA for?
Is tax reporting required for an HSA?
What are the tax rules of an HSA?
Who is responsible for determining whether HSA distributions are used exclusively for qualified medical expenses?
If I change employers, what happens to my HSA?
What are the requirements for an HSA at Desert Community Bank?
How will HSA statements be delivered to me?
HSA contributions
Who may contribute to an HSA?
How do I make contributions and distributions?
How much can I contribute to my HSA?
In what form must contributions be made?
How are contributions applied to my HSA?
Are rollover contributions to HSAs permitted?
What is the tax treatment of earnings on amounts in my HSA?
HSA distributions
How are distributions from an HSA taxed?
What “medical expenses” qualify for tax-free distributions?
How are distributions taxed after the account beneficiary is no longer an eligible individual?
When can I receive distributions from an HSA?
Can I use the HSA to pay for services obtained before I enrolled in the HSA program?
What happens to the HSA if I die?